The Future of Air Cargo Things to Consider

When it comes to the shipment of the heavy business material, air cargo carriers are the first choice. The reason for the preference is that the cargo that travels through the air reaches its decided destination quicker than any other means. But with the excessive fueling costs and the launching of the passenger aircraft with huge cargo holds has made the future bleak for the air cargo carriers.


As the world is progressing, the new statistics and the changes in the rules by air freight traffic, otherwise known as IATA, has made the organizations owning the air freights consider a few things to flourish their business. A study released by the air freight traffic concerning the increase or decline in the air cargo business revealed that the demand in the air freighters.


Additionally, the report also revealed that the air freight business is further expected to decline and will hardly reach the expected revenue of $50 billion in 2016, whereas the same air freight business exceeded the expectation by reaching at $68 billion in 2011. Despite the bleak future, many of the major corporations such as FedEx and Amazon are on their way to becoming the largest air cargo holders because they own more than 100 air freighters and have made deals to own more in the future. By 2018, FedEx is expected to own hundred Boeing freighters. The revelation of this information has made it hard to ignore the fact that despite the decrease documented by the air freight traffic, the air cargo carriers are expected to dominate the cargo market in the coming future too. If you have any concerns about wherever and how to use world cargo news, you can call us at our own webpage.


In spite of the economic recession and the rise of the ocean freighters, the air cargo carriers are not going anywhere. Instead, with the development of the major players, such as FedEx and the changes in the air rules and regulations by IATA, the air freighters will continue to exist but in other different forms.


Airlines’ Investment in Air Freighters


The development and the launch of the passenger plane Boeing 777 have considerably threatened the air cargo market. Despite carrying passengers, the Boeing also possess a huge cargo hold that can deliver large shipments to anywhere around the world. The launch of such airplanes has caused many of the old players in the cargo department to cut back on the numbers of the air freighters.


Major Courier Delivering Corporations


The development in the major courier suppliers like FedEx and UPS has considerably affected the old air cargo freighters because apart from delivering their shipments, they also act as the freight forwarding agent for many of the major companies.


With such major players playing huge roles in the air freighter industry, the loss and the decline of major air cargo carriers is inescapable but not permanent because there are many ways and solutions that can be adopted by the old air freighters to tackle the decline in the demand for the air cargo carriers.