Cancer Risk From Cell Phones, WiFi, Smart Meters and the EMF’s They Emit

Everybody wants to reduce their risk of cancer, but the problem is there’s so much information/ misinformation out there.
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No where is this more true, unfortunately, than in the current controversy surrounding cell phones, wi fi, smart meters and the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) they emit.

Start researching for yourself, and you can find a myriad of studies telling you they’re all perfectly safe. But you’ll also find studies that say, ‘wait a minute! Not so fast… here’s evidence to the contrary.” You don’t want you or your children to develop brain tumors or various cancers, so who do you believe and what can you do?

Happily, this problem was recently addressed by an international group of over forty scientists and health professionals who have either authored or co-authored ‘hundreds of peer-reviewed studies on the health effects of electromagnetic fields. They were inspired to band together to clear up what they termed some ‘gross misinformation’ about the “lack of understanding of the science behind the health impacts of the radio frequency (RF)/ microwave EMF’s.

MOBILE PHONES: These scientists and health professions conclude that only a few (some two dozen) out of thousands of controlled studies of mobile phone use report no elevations in cancer. They state that most of these studies “were funded by the wireless industry”, and that they “contained significant experimental design flaws.”

They add that non industry-funded studies have “clearly demonstrated a significant increase in cancer rates among individuals who have suffered from prolonged exposure to low-level microwaves, transmitted notably by radio antennas.” Their review concluded that these studies “consistently showed an increased risk of brain cancer among regular users of a cell phone who have been exposed to microwaves for at least ten years.”

They add that the “latency for brain cancer in adults after environmental exposure can been long, up to 20-30 years.” They point out that cell phone use by North Americans does not yet have that history, since cell phone use began here in the 1990’s.

They conclude that the “evidence is sufficiently compelling for any cautious parent to want to reduce their loved one’s exposure to RF/microwave emission as much as possible.” This is already an official recommended strategy in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Russia and the UK.