The guide of the man wearing a scarf

The scarves are basically a piece of rectangular fabric. But despite their popularity among women, men have always skinned scarves. Some say that scarves are slim, while for others it is difficult to tie them. The fact is that men’s scarves have existed for 2,000 years and are an important part of military uniforms, from Chinese terracotta warriors to modern airmen. If you are one of those men who find the scarf too feminine or too hard to choose, or too confused to attach, there are some tips that break these myths.

It is easy to choose a scarf

We all agree that there are more women’s scarves on the market, which reduces men to a very small number of people who wear them. But that doesn’t mean it’s hard to choose a scarf for men. You need to know that a scarf is not made for you if it is printed (flower printer, animal, leopard … do you have it?), If it is a light and bright color (think pink light, electric blue, juicy magenta …), if it has glitter, pearls, fringes and tassels, a feminine embroidery, whether airy or transparent, or large enough to be a shawl or blanket. Considering the few options available, you might have to search every scarf for a men’s scarf, but it’s better than choosing a multicolored floral print scarf just because it was in the men’s clothing section.

Use a scarf, it’s not rocket science

You need to follow some basic rules to choose the right scarf and tie it properly. First, keep the scarf simple. It is important to choose comfort and functionality instead of fashion. Depending on the length and thickness, there are a number of knots where you can tie the scarf. Remember, however, that it is a scarf and not a tie. Therefore, keep the knot simple and loose.

The scarves are very masculine

As previously mentioned, men’s scarves have been for ages. In the military, they have often been accustomed to designating rows and units. Military airlines mainly use scarves because they offer protection against bad weather. Scarves are not girls if you know what kind of scarf you should choose.

Scarves are functional

Today, they can be better known for fashion than for their utility, but scarves also have an important function. They protect the neck of a man, one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. A wool or cashmere scarf keeps your neck warm in Nova Scotia’s bitter cold, and a soft handkerchief protects you from the heat when you are speechless at the Sphinx of Egypt.

The scarves are elegant

A scarf is one of the accessories that can immediately light up in a simple outfit. No matter how outdated your outfit is, the right scarf can give it style and color without any problems. A vibrant cashmere scarf can easily illuminate a wooden charcoal and a banker’s cap, while a silk scarf instead of a tie can do wonders for your personal style.

As men’s scarves tend to be heard, it may be time to put a large scarf on your shoulders this winter or add style to your outfit with some checked, rough or striped scarves.

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